S.P.I.R.E. Decodable Readers, Set 6B: A Tale from Crete (SPIRE)

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SPIRE Illustrated Decodable Reader Class Set 6B (6 starter sets) | School Specialty | EPS

Prepared Diane Tavenner. For example, if the child has learned all the consonants and the short vowel sound of the letter e, the child can be expected to read, or decode, words such as pen, net, and Ben. Most decodable books also introduce a number of sight words.

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Some of these are phonically irregular. Others are words that will become decodable once the child has learned more phonic elements. As more phonic elements and sight words are introduced, the child becomes a more masterful decoder. Bad Luck?

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Decodable Reader includes lists of focus concept words, sight words, and concepts the reader will already need to have mastered. Decodable Readers Teacher s Guide 3 When choosing decodable books for a child, take a look at the skills addressed in each title to make sure they align with what the child has already learned.

A list of skills covered in the S. Decodable Readers series can be found beginning on page Decodable Readers series ranges in difficulty, from easy-to-read, one-syllable, short-vowel words in Set 1, to complex multisyllabic words and advanced sentence structures in Set 6. Reading is not a skill that comes naturally; it must be learned. Some children pick it up with less support than others, but all children benefit from instruction in phonics: that is, instruction in the sounds that letters represent and how these letters are combined to make words.

Those who struggle with reading especially need to spend dedicated time developing their phonics skills. Decodable Readers Teacher s Guide 5 Reading decodable books can benefit students at all ability levels by enabling them to: read independently after learning just a few letters and their sounds; sound out unfamiliar words, which makes students reading more accurate and discourages bad habits, such as skipping over unknown words or guessing what the words say, based on the first few letters; apply the phonics skills they ve learned in the context of a story or nonfiction text; experience success and develop confidence in their reading abilities.

The CCSS say this about what they call the Foundational Skills: These foundational skills identified are not an end in and of themselves; rather they are necessary and important components of an effective, comprehensive reading program designed to develop proficient readers CCSS, Washington, DC: Authors. Decodable Readers Teacher s Guide 6 Decodable books provide connected text students can use to practice their newly acquired reading skills.

While students often have opportunities to decode words in isolation, decodable books provide the additional challenge of reading for meaning, which is the ultimate goal of all reading. As such, decodable texts may be considered the first step on the so-called staircase of text complexity that is discussed in the Common Core State Standards. Decodable texts are not meant to replace other kinds of books.


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Rather, they should be used as a tool to precede and facilitate the reading of more challenging texts. Kate s Game, Set 2B Detailed black-and-white illustrations facilitate comprehension without distracting students from the reading task at hand. The program incorporates lessons in phonological and phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, spelling, vocabulary, and comprehension in an instructional design that is sensitive to the needs of struggling readers.

Based on the Orton-Gillingham Approach, every concept in S. Like any quality reading program, S.


The S. Decodable Readers offer the perfect opportunity to employ newly learned skills and strategies in real reading situations in order to comprehend text. Decodable Readers were designed specifically for early readers and struggling readers. These books help students practice and solidify their decoding skills and become better readers of increasingly complex texts. Decodable Readers can be used in many ways: As a whole-class reading activity, by displaying the ebook version of each text on an interactive whiteboard; As a capstone experience to any phonics lesson; For fluency practice, timed or untimed word counts appear on the back of each book ; As independent reading practice for students who need to work on early literacy skills; To build home-school connections by having students bring the books home to read to a caregiver or sibling.

In the ebook version of the readers, the Note to Teachers and Parents offers additional ideas for using the books. Decodable Readers Teacher s Guide 11 Independent reading time can be uncomfortable for students who are not reading at the same level as their peers. The ebook version of the S. Decodable Readers offers a stress-free solution for such students, in that reading on an ereader offers privacy. Struggling students will build confidence as they work on early literacy skills.

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Plane Pals, Set 2B Otters, Set 3B Nate Love, American Cowboy, Set 6B From stories about friendship, to informational books about animals, to biographies of famous Americans, these books will keep students engaged and motivate even the most reluctant reader. Decodable Readers to help students practice and hone crucial foundational reading skills. Whether implemented in the classroom or at home, these activities reinforce what students are learning in school. To help educators, Common Core standards covered by each activity appear in brackets in purple type.

Grade levels appear in parentheses. For those activities in which students use an ereader or tablet, see Taking Advantage of Device Features on page Have students take turns playing the role of teacher by demonstrating to each other the process for reading a book follow words from left to right, lines of text from top to bottom, and pages from left to right.

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Invite students to point to individual words and the letters of the alphabet that make up those words. They can use a journal to write the words, or, if using an ereader, they can use the commenting tool to type short or long or S or L. Then invite them to search for the words within the story. If students are using an ereader, have them use the device tools to highlight the sight words throughout the book. Alternatively, you may choose to display the book on an interactive whiteboard and search for the words as a group.

Or, if students are using an ereader, they can highlight the words using the device tools. They can use a journal to write the words, or, if using an ereader, they can highlight the words using the device tools.